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Live help in seconds, safe service in minutes!

Get roadside assistance 24/7/365 & discounted pricing on auto related services.

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Stuff Happens! Right?

When Stuff Happens to you or a loved one, stranded, unable to get where you are going, the situation will range from an inconvenience to potentially life-threatening.


Who do you call and how long will it take to get help?
Will you or your loved one feel safe?
How much will it cost?

"Live help in seconds, roadside assistance in minutes!"

Our team has helped millions of drivers get back on the road since 1968 in the U.S. and 1948 in Canada!  Trusted by fortune 500 companies to provide auto and travel related services and discounts.  When our members call, they reach live help in seconds, roadside assistance in minutes!  (Services listed below.  Hover over images below that for all other benefits.)

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Locked out? Upon verification, a certified roadside assistance technician will get you back into your locked vehicle.

Car won’t start?  A certified roadside assistance technician will safely jump start your dead battery.

Don’t risk DIY! Let a certified roadside assistance technician air-up or safely change your flat tire with your inflated spare tire.

Out of Gas?  A certified roadside assistance technician will deliver and add to your tank up to 3 gallons of fuel.

Car won’t go?  Your vehicle will be transported to the nearest repair facility free of charge, in most cases.

Stuck in the mud?  Your stranded vehicle will be pulled on to drivable surface so you can get back on your way.


The savings from a single use of this plan can exceed the yearly cost of membership!

Gain access to free benefits and discounted pricing on the following:  Battery, Key/Fob, Dent & Ding Repairs, Scratch Repairs, Bumper Repairs, Wheel Repairs, Windshield Repairs, Auto Glass, Interior Repairs, Stain Removal, Headlight Reconditioning and much, much more!

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Keep you and your loved ones safe and save on auto and travel services.

Anywhere & Anytime!

Be Ready!  Be Safe!  $AVE MONEY!

Members enjoy peace of mind knowing they can call us anytime, anywhere to get, “FREE, Live Help in seconds and Roadside Assistance in minutes!”  Unlike other auto clubs, we encourage frequent use of all services and benefits that grow with time.

Don’t wait!  Join Now!  The very next trip to anywhere could render you or a loved one, locked out, flat, out of gas, or no more juice in your battery!  Who will you call and how long before help arrives?  Will you or your loved one be safe?  How much will it cost?, LLC
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